Teacup Maltese Puppies for Sale

We guarantee that your puppy is in good health at the time you take him home. They have been dewormed at 2 weeks of age and every 2 weeks thereafter. He has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and was to be found in good health. Maltese Puppies for Sale Near Me

Teacup Maltese Puppies for sale

Fight against puppy mills – Our company do not support the inhumane and cruel network of puppy mills
Healthy Puppies – Each puppy is up to date on all vaccinations and dewormed by a veterinarian
Safe Travel – We always focus on the welfare of your puppy and proudly guarantees 0% travel accidents!

Teacup Maltese Puppies For Sale

Happy teacup homes are having amazing Teacup Maltese puppies for sale. You will get high quality and standardized puppies here. We offer amazing customer service and support to our customers. Our main aim is to grow healthy and high quality Mini Maltese puppies for sale with our excellent work ethics. We even welcome our customers’ feedback and suggestions.

At Allan Teacup Puppies, We offer shipping within USA and Canada. We ship our Maltese puppies via airplane. You will have to pickup at the closest airport to your location. Doorstep delivery is also available for an extra $75.00. Ground shipping is also available for short distant customers.

We breed healthy Maltese puppies, Our Puppies free from diseases, All of our teacup Maltese puppies are up to date with shots, going with a one year health guarantee. They are updated with the following vaccines: DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvo, and para influenza),rabies .They are playful, likes to cuddle and well socialized with kids and other kind of pets like Cats, monkeys and sugar gliders, Are you looking for a puppy with the above qualities? Any of them will be the right choice.

Buy teacup Maltese puppy today at affordable prices with available shipping. We offer high quality Maltese puppies, rich selection at the cheapest rate within USA and Canada. Contact Us for quotes and more information regarding our teacup Maltese puppies for sale near me.

Maltese Puppies for Sale Near Me

Even after adopting a Maltese , you’ll receive ongoing help and insight in caring for your new puppy. Moreover, each puppy is also checked by a veterinarian, issued the standard vaccinations, and has gone through de-worming. Prices of the Maltese are dependent on the size, quality, color, and gender of the dog. Maltese Puppy for sale

Our Teacup Puppies acclimated to living in a new family environment, they’re raised in the home around children and other dogs

We guarantee that you will be provided with a healthy puppy, free of any serious congenital diseases, for up to 1 year after the time of sale. In order to ensure this guarantee, the buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of its purchase. This examination will be at the expense of the buyer.